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The college library has been recently renovated and has now a beautifully illuminated, well ventilated and furnished reading hall. The college library which caters for all the subject with more than 5000 books is one of the largest collections of books on Pharmacy in the state and is being continuously enriched with recent publications. The library subscribes more than 15 national and international journals and a number of pharmacy magazines and journals.

The library is powered by KOHA LMS and offers the following services-

1. Book bank facility

2. Reference book service

3. Reading hall service

4. NDLI Club service

Giper Name of Journal N/IN Time of period Publisher
1 International Journal of advanced pharmaceutics International Biannual Pharma Intelligence
2 International Journal of Medicinal chemistry and analysis International Biannual Pharma Intelligence
3 International Journal of Phytopharmacy Research International Biannual Pharma Intelligence
4 Indian Journal of chemistry section B National Bimonthly CSIR-NIS&IR
5 Indian Journal of chemical technology National Bimonthly CSIR-NIS&IR
6 Indian journal of biochemistry and biophysics National Bimonthly CSIR-NIS&IR
7 Indian Journal of biotechnology National Quarterly CSIR-NIS&IR
8 Indian Journal of natural product and resource National Quarterly CSIR-NIS&IR
9 CSIR News National monthly CSIR-NIS&IR
10 Inventi impact Ethnopharmacology International Quarterly Inventi
11 Inventi impact pharm tech International Quarterly Inventi
12 Inventi rapid : pharm tech E Journal Quarterly Inventi
13 Inventi impact pharm tech International Quarterly Inventi
14 Inventi rapid pharmacology E Journal Quarterly Inventi
15 Inventi impact pharmacology E Journal Quarterly Inventi
16 Journal of R.S.C News National monthly Royal society of Chemistery
17 Journal of Chemistry World International monthly Royal society of Chemistery
18 Indian Journal Of Traditional Knowledge National Quarterly CSIR-NIS&IR
19 Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy National monthly Bazaz Publication (Magazine World)
20 Asian Journal of Research and Chemistry InterNational Quarterly AV publication (Magazine World)
21 The Indian Pharmacist National Bimonthly Bazaz Publication (Magazine World)
22 Medicinal Chemistery Research international monthly Sprinzer
23 SAR and QSAR Enviromental Research International monthly Taylor& Francis
24 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry international Quarterly ACS Publication
25 Research Journal Of topical And Cosmetic Sciences National Half Year Magazine World

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